How do we do it?

We are streamlining this process by presenting our services in a new light. While we offer customization, and commit to the completion of any project, our primary goal is to provide clients with a predefined crew size, truck size, and time frame to make their move as manageable as possible, on their budget. The level of management they require from us, the complexity of the service, the associated liability, and the price all correlate. However, when it comes to handling typical household moves, we excel in delivering unbeatable value.

For general cost estimates for jobs where we supply labor, trucks, and tools, please note that these figures are based on our hourly rate for the appropriate crew size, which also includes truck expenses:

  • Studio-1 Bedroom Apartment: $400-$800
  • 2 Bedroom Apartment-1 Bedroom House: $700-$1,200
  • 3 Bedroom Apartment-2 Bedroom House: $1,200-$1,700
  • 3-4 Bedroom House: $1,800-$3,200

Keep in mind that various factors can influence the scale of a job, and these figures represent averages based on the jobs we've encountered.

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What is included in our general service?

For our labor rate, you receive a specific number of movers equipped with basic moving tools, including lifting straps and cellophane wrap for essential items. Our labor rates also include the industry-standard insurance at a rate of $0.60 per pound. When you opt for our truck rental options, you gain access to additional equipment.

We provide the option to purchase higher levels of insurance coverage for an extra fee, ranging from 50% to 100%. This coverage offers added peace of mind.

In every team, you can count on having at least one skilled and knowledgeable mover, while any additional helpers may be relatively new to the industry. We will always provide a crew suitable to handle the job, based on our customer’s descriptions.

Our truck rentals come with the requested truck size and appropriate equipment for the job. This typically includes 30 to 75 blankets, up to four dollies, door stops, tie-downs, and one mattress cover. Additionally, our trucks come with a driver, insurance during transit, and a predetermined mileage allowance for the total travel distance, calculated from and to our dispatch location.

  • Usage of toolboxes
  • Assembly and disassembly services
  • Additional mattress covers
  • Extra cellophane wrap
  • Items exceeding 200 pounds in weight
  • Items valued at more than $1,000
  • Complex or hazardous routes
  • Requirement for more extensive equipment
  • Exceeding high end estimated timeframe.

What to expect on Move day:

Our team will make contact approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour ahead of the scheduled start window to provide an estimated time of arrival (ETA).

Upon arrival, our team will come equipped with the necessary tools and have them organized on the truck.

The official clock for the job begins when the scheduled crew arrives, and it's possible that the truck may arrive a bit earlier than the full crew.

Before commencing the move, the crew will conduct a brief walkthrough and team meeting to establish a strategy.

Throughout the move, our movers will work continuously, with no more than 15-minute breaks taken every 2 hours.

If any damages or pertinent information arise, the crew will promptly inform the customers.

In the final phase of the move, the crew leader will conduct a final walkthrough and handle the payment process.

The crew will also take care of cleaning up any relevant materials, load the truck, and extend their best wishes to our customers as they embark on their new journey in their new homes.

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Tips to Help You Move Smarter

We provide expert tips, advice, and checklists that will make your move easy. Here you can learn about packing and labeling, budgeting, and storage solutions.

We at WiseGuys Moving are licensed and insured.

Our clock starts when we arrive at your door during the scheduled arrival window with the booked number of movers and size trucks. If a mover is 20 min late, the clock will start when the late mover has arrived.

We have additional fees for services beyond our typical scope. Extra large or heavy items (200+LBS) and high value items ($1000+) may accrue additional fees, or if our movers have to work beyond the original scope of work, whether that’s hanging pictures, or staying 2 hours after to help a customer organize and stage their home.

The more organized and prepared a customer is, the cheaper the job will be and can even earn customer discounts with Wiseguys. Boxes need to be sealed and stackable, there needs to be a clear pathway for move crews to operate in. Clothes and other small, soft items should be packed into bags or boxes. Labeling helps improve move day efficiency and makes for much easier unpacking. There’s many strategies to pack for a move. We encourage our customers to do research online (Youtube, or TikTok) to learn some great packing hacks. We also offer packing services here at WiseGuys.

We at WiseGuys are licensed (HHG-00588) by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to transport general household goods. We cannot transport Food, Firearms, Weaponry, Alcohol, (most)Liquids, Chemicals, Detergents, highly flammable substances, Gas/Fuel, Plants, Animals, and/or other Biological (living) things.

We at WiseGuys have 3 different liability options. Industry standard ($0.60/LB). WiseGuys Standard (50% current value) or Full Coverage (100% Current Value). Liability in the moving world is a little tricky. Insurance won’t kick in on anything under $1,000 of value and thus any damage under that threshold will be settled between the customer and the moving company (WiseGuys). A representative will be able to explain in more detail, but in most cases there will be a discount offered for their move or item repair options will be offered.

It depends! If we’re going 4 hours over because of information our customers failed to provide, it’s a lot more expensive per hour than if we only go 30 min over because of bad traffic. Ultimately we are trying to be transparent and fair to all of our customers, movers, and affiliates. If we have to change our plans and accommodate a customer that needs help beyond what was originally agreed on, it will be more expensive than for a customer who’s job went over because of a mover being late or traffic being bad.

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