Understanding The Estimate

Every Moving company has their way of doing business and some may have hidden fees that could cost you a lot more than you expected. It’s important to find a transparent service and ask them questions that will help you both understand the scale of a move. Estimates can be very broad in the moving world, and you may not want to go with the cheapest quote.

Important questions to ask your moving service:

Are they licensed and insured? 

We at WiseGuys Moving are licensed and insured.

When does the clock start? 

Our clock starts when we arrive at your door during the scheduled arrival window with the booked number of movers and size trucks. If a mover is 20 min late, the clock will start when the late mover has arrived.

Are there any other fees? 

We have additional fees for services beyond our typical scope. Extra large or heavy items (200+LBS) and high value items ($1000+) may accrue additional fees, or if our movers have to work beyond the original scope of work, whether that’s hanging pictures, or staying 2 hours after to help a customer organize and stage their home. 

How packed and organized do I have to be?

The more organized and prepared a customer is, the cheaper the job will be and can even earn customer discounts with Wiseguys. Boxes need to be sealed and stackable, there needs to be a clear pathway for move crews to operate in. Clothes and other small, soft items should be packed into bags or boxes. Labeling helps improve move day efficiency and makes for much easier unpacking. There’s many strategies to pack for a move. We encourage our customers to do research online (Youtube, or TikTok) to learn some great packing hacks. We also offer packing services here at WiseGuys.

Are there limitations to what they can transport? 

We at WiseGuys are licensed (HHG-00588) by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to transport general household goods. We cannot transport Food, Firearms, Weaponry,  Alcohol, (most)Liquids, Chemicals, Detergents, highly flammable substances, Gas/Fuel, Plants, Animals, and/or other Biological (living) things.

What is their liability policy? 

We at WiseGuys have 3 different liability options. Industry standard ($0.60/LB). WiseGuys Standard (50% current value) or Full Coverage (100% Current Value). Liability in the moving world is a little tricky. Insurance won’t kick in on anything under $1,000 of value and thus any damage under that threshold will be settled between the customer and the moving company (WiseGuys). A representative will be able to explain in more detail, but in most cases there will be a discount offered for their move or item repair options will be offered.

What happens if the job extends past the estimated time?

-It depends! If we’re going 4 hours over because of information our customers failed to provide, it’s a lot more expensive per hour than if we only go 30 min over because of bad traffic. Ultimately we are trying to be transparent and fair to all of our customers, movers, and affiliates. If we have to change our plans and accommodate a customer that needs help beyond what was originally agreed on, it will be more expensive than for a customer who’s job went over because of a mover being late or traffic being bad.

We have additional fees for services beyond the typical scope. Extra large or heavy items and high value items ($1000+) may accrue additional fees, or if our movers have to work beyond the original scope of work. We also can charge significant rates if our customers keep our movers beyond the high end of the estimated amount of time.